Note: I am not compensated in any way (yet) for my product suggestions.

When I decided to start carrying my bag more often, the one thing that I found bothersome was the time spent removing and replacing my rangefinder from it’s carrier. So I searched online for a solution. I found it in the Stripebird magnetic rangefinder wrap.

The wrap – which fits most popular rangefinder models – is lightweight and has two “very”strong magnets which you can adhere to any part of one of your irons. Trust me, it will not fall off under any circumstances.

I bought it on Amazon for about $35 CDN. There are cheaper knock-offs but I suggest you spend an extra $10 to buy the best.

The Stripebird can be attached to any metal part of a golf cart as well but I find it most useful when carrying. The downside for the good folks who produced this product is that at least one brand (Bushnell) has already launched a version with a magnetic strip. But for those of us with older models, the Stripebird is the answer.


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