Mike Weir – The Road to the Masters

Lorne Rubenstein

Rating: 3 out of 5.

In fairness, I had never been a fan of Lorne Rubenstein’s writing in the Globe and Mail or Score magazine. I can’t easily describe why his writing style did not appeal to me in the way the columns of Damien Cox and Cathal Kelly did; let’s just say it lacked flow and a unique perspective.

I had passed over this title for many years only because it had been written by Rubenstein. As a fan of Mike Weir, I was interested in the subject but assumed it would be a pedestrian and awkward read. As I scoured through the shelves of Russell Books in Victoria, I once again came upon this book. As I was currently devoid of any easy-reading golf biography material, I purchased it for about a quarter of its original price.

In quick summary, it is an enjoyable and easy read and it contained some background information and stories that I had not previously known. Thankfully it is not long or laden with ponderous detail. He uses a chronological style intercut with Weir’s 2003 week at the Masters. It ends rather suddenly, perhaps fittingly, with Weir’s playoff-winning putt and the green-side celebration with his family and entourage.

This book will not likely be included in any top-50 lists of essential golf books, but if you are interested in the early story of Canada’s most successful male – to-date – golfer, it is a worthy addition to your library.


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