Chasing distance

A few years ago I went for a club-fitting with a high-end outfit that had come highly recommended. The fitter asked me how far I thought I hit my driver and I confidently suggested somewhere in the 250 to 260-yard range. Once I warmed up, I proceeded to slam drives against the screen to see how my prediction would fare. Turns out I overestimated my prowess by about 30 yards. I continued to pound away trying every technique to prove this tracking device wrong. Apparently, I had become an “older” golfer with a maxed-out swing speed of approximately 95 mph.

As most of us who are not Bernhard Langer, quickly learn, distance begins eroding in your 50s, and once gone, it’s hard to get it back. I tried a few quick fixes gleaned from various youtube oracles but to no avail. Then one day I was watching a TOUR event and I noticed Phil Mickelson in a background shot, repeatedly swinging this training device at a high rate of speed. I didn’t pay much thought to this until I learned that he was using a system that had actually greatly increased his swing speed and distance. After some online research, I learned that the system was called SuperSpeed Golf. Apparently, it is used by a large number of professional golfers.

So it appeared I had found a product that over 700 professional golfers used and was also highly rated in consumer online reviews. After investigating further, I was impressed with the product information and the consumer proposition. SuperSpeed didn’t overpromise or suggest an “overnight” cure. They did indicate that I should expect up to an extra 5% of swing speed after the first six weeks of training. I am currently at the six-week mark of my SuperSpeed training and although I haven’t actually measured my swing speed as yet, I can report a perceived increase in my distances. Given that every 1 mph increase in speed is expected to equal 2.4 yards, a 5% increase in a 95 mph driver swing speed should result in about an extra 12 yards off the tee. I am not certain I am quite there yet, but I plan to continue with my every other day training throughout the summer months. My next step will be to access a tracking device to accurately assess my progress. I will be checking in periodically to give regular updates.

Oh, and by the way, I am in no way being compensated by SuperSpeed Golf for this blog article.


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