Say it ain’t so, Bryson

When Bryson DeChambeau broke into the pro golf scene in 2016, I thought his unique/eccentric thoughts on equipment and approach to the game would be a welcome addition to the Tour. When he decided to bulk up with the intention of becoming the longest driver in the game, I applauded his effort. I even sided with Bryson in his recent feud with Brooks Koepka, feeling that he was getting the short end of the stick. I am no longer in his corner.

A few things happened in Bryson’s world the past couple of weeks. First, Bryson contracted Covid-19 and was unable to participate in the Toyko Olympics. We then learned that he was not vaccinated and had no intention of getting the jab. For a professed “smart” person, his comments seemed nonsensical. He said in part, “The vaccine doesn’t necessarily prevent it from happening. I’d rather give it to people who need it. I don’t want to take away that ability.” He referenced his father who is diabetic, as someone who took the vaccine because he needed it. Not a big, strong healthy person like himself.

While trying to sound altruistic, Bryson instead comes across as misinformed or just trying to make a silly excuse. There is a surplus of vaccine available, so he isn’t doing anyone – his parents included – any favors. Oh, and there is also the matter of putting others at risk. If he’s really concerned about potential complications from the vaccine, I suggest he may put more thought into his risk of developing cardiovascular issues associated with ingesting – along with multiple protein shakes and PB&J’s – four eggs and five slices of bacon every morning. I know he was a Physics major but he may want to consult with a nutritionist about the future implications of 140 slices of bacon each month.

Aside from finding out Bryson was not into the vaccine, he was also front and centre this past weekend at the BMW Championship. He dueled it out with Patrick Cantlay over the entire final round and six playoff holes. We found out three more things about Bryson: he has a bad case of the chip yips, he has no problem calling out a playing partner for walking to his ball and getting into his peripheral vision and most egregiously, he is a graceless loser.

I will endeavour to be objective in my role reporting on golf and issues around the sport but as simply a fan of the game, I will be rooting for anyone but him.


One thought on “Say it ain’t so, Bryson

  1. I watched with Partrick…….both of us were horrified by his behaviour.
    Especially the limp handshake at the end of such an exciting game.Mick.


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